Design 5 to include the XC4x modules in the future?

C. Harp 4 weeks ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 weeks ago 1

I am needing to run a MD3 and XC43 on the same system. Currently the MD3 is not available in Design 6 and the XC4x modules are not available in Design 5. I am curious if the XC4x modules will be eventually added into 5? Its interesting that Design 5 can have MC4x but not XC4x. 


No, the XC4x modules will only be available in version 6 and later. 

One of the main reasons for leaving many of the modules like MD3 and XA2 behind in the 5.x branch is to try send an early message that these are mature products, not recommended for new design. 

I wrote some more about it in the comments section on the IQANdesign 6 release.