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I have a problem with 2 IQAN-SV. They are connected by a ethernet switch to the MD4-7 (input C4). At first when the system is starting up i can see the camera's. But when i try it again some time later the system can't connect the the cameras and keeps saying: 'video wait for cam'. To fix this i need to power off the whole system and start is up again.

Is there a fix for this? or do i someting else wrong?

What version are you running in the MD4 ? 

There was an issue when switching rapidly between display pages with different video controls, case 48521 fixed in 5.04.13

Another issue that was found and fixed occurred on startup, case 47594 fixed in 5.04.14 


MD4 running currently version 5.05.8

There are two normal situations where you would see the text

[camera name]

Video Wait for cam...

The first is if you start up the MD4 without having the SV camera connected/powered up, and leave it this way. 

(this shouldn't be the issue here as you say it is working when you start the whole system)

The other is if you restart the MD4, while leaving the SV camera on. This happens when you make a software restart e.g. when you send a new project file. You also get this situation if you cycle the power to the MD4 while leaving the SV camera powered up. 

Within the network we also have a device present that can be used to remotely access the MD4 for update and status readout purposes.

Could this device being present cause any of the previously mentioned problems? The device is in the same IP range as the MD4

And if this is the case, is there any way we could solve this?

Which IP ranges are being used by the IQAN SV cameras?

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Does the device you have on the network act as a DHCP server? 

The MD4 is a DHCP server on the Ethernet ports where SV cameras are used, this is how the assign IP addresses are assigned to the cameras. 

A separate DHCP server should never be used in combination with SV cameras, if there is a separate DHCP server it is only luck if the MD4 assigns IP addresses to the cameras before the other device does. And it can change during operation. 

For the question about IP address ranges, there is a knowledge base article that list the subnets used by IQAN masters here.  

In this it says quite generally that the following address ranges are reserved by IQAN masters:

Subnet meaning addresses from -

Subnet meaning addresses from -

On connector C4 (port B), the IP address used by the MD4 is listed in the IQANdesign user manual. 

To answer the specific question on what range the SV cameras are in, it is:

On MD4 connector C4 (port B) , SV cameras are in the range -

On MD4 connector C3 (port A) , SV cameras are in the range -

I was first confused when I saw you wrote about about using connector C4 to access the MD4 from remote. The more common usage is to have C3 for connecting IQANdesign/IQANrun, and use C4 only for cameras. 

Did you build it up the way you did so that you could leave the C3 with just a panel mount connector for local connections?