Multiple TSC1 not working on IQAN 6

Cole Koster 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 3

I have to output 2 different TSC1 messages to the same engine (SA 0) from different source addresses to set max rpm and commanded rpm. I tested this out several months ago with IQAN 5.03 on an MC43FS and it worked fine using the method I found on this forum post:


Now when I try the same method (same JFOUT SAs and channel assignments) I get an error of no contact from one of the engine nodes. I noticed when I swap channel assignments for the 2 different JFOUTs, the 'No Contact' engine node turns green and the other engine node goes no contact. 

Is there something that has changed from IQAN 5 to 6 preventing the controller from reading 2 different J1939 nodes from the same address?

IQAN 5.03:

Image 1827

IQAN 6.01:

Image 1828



If I read the question right, it sounds as if you have two j1939 modules in the system layout, both with source address property set to zero? The project check will have a warning "Ambiguous module address"

But even with this warning, the system will work. 

Incoming CAN frames are sorted to the JFIN:s, and if you have JFIN:s on both of them, you will have incoming messages to both J1939 modules in IQANdesign. 

The module will show No contact if it has a Timeout defined (always a good thing to have) , and if none of the JFIN:s located on that particular module are received withing the timeout period. 

The outgoing messages (JFOUT:s or the TSC1 channel) shouldn't have any effect on this. 

I am curious about the use of two TSC1 in this case. If you are using the TSC1 for speed control, why do you need to also send a separate speed limit? 

I have come across the need for sending TSC1 speed in combination with torque limit, but only in one application. If it is more common, it might be worth considering ways we could simplify the use of multiple TSC1. 


The modules are not timing out when using 5.03, only when using 6.01 as shown in my pictures. The system is the exact same otherwise.

The engine mfg requires the two TSC1 messages to come from two different source addresses. 

Thank you.

Have you looked at and compared the view for the two J1939 modules? This view: 

If both have a timeout defined, both will need some JFIN:s that are received within this timeout period.