"Start Block" in COUT channel. What does it mean?

Luke Ricker 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 9 years ago 3

In both 2.6x and 3.19 programs, when the minimum current on a COUT channel is adjusted on an MDL2 when the output is sending current, the current goes to zero, and the channel appears yellow in Design. The error that the channels shows is "Start Block".

1) What does this mean?

2) Why does it happen?



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The same happens with the PWM output.

After each adjustment the system has to be rebooted, this is quite annoying.



"start block" avoids unintended movement of functions.

When you adjust minCurrent the ouput only gets this mA-Value. To do this it requires an command from IQANlogic.

When you confirm the minCurrent Setting, the setting menu goes directly to the maxCurrent value. With a positiv logical command the ouptut would follow this immediatly and go to full current. It depends on your machine, but it could mean that a crane starts a fast and dangerous movement -just by confirming the minCurrent setting.

Therefore you have to force the logical command to Zero and then start again.

Same when starting up the System. Outputs remain at zero mA as long they haven't seen a zero command.

Hope this descriptions helps a bit do understand why there are start blocks.