CAN Module documentation

Peter Nyman 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated 4 years ago 2

Is there a way to print the list with 'name identifier bit offset length..' for a CAN module.
If not it should be implemented and perhaps integrated in the project documentation function.
A copy function so that one could paste for example in excel would also be nice.


The module view for J1939/Generic modules cannot be printed. 

But with version 6.02, there is a function to export DBC

Is there any plans on implementing this feature?
If i develop a project and there is another person/company that develop hardware/software that should communicate with my IQAN master it would be nice to be able to send them a list of my choosen identifiers and parameters.
They could then use this during programming of their software.

If not, I would like this to be added as a request.