Generic CAN communication JN2100 - IFM sensor

C. Drouaud 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Barnhart Crane 4 years ago 1

JN2100 documentation

Hello everyone, 

I am trying to connect an inclination sensor from IFM (JN2100, see documentation attached) to a MC43. But for now, I didn't manage to have a connection to receive the data.

I want to receive the data from TPDO1 (X value longitudinal and Y value lateral) and I am not sure which identifier I should put on the generic frame in to get these data. 

Can someone please help me ? 

Thanks in advance,

The 11-bit identifier for TPDO1 is 0x180 + Node-ID. The first 4 bits of the 11-bit identifier is the function code. The function code communicates whether the frame is an SDO or PDO and whether it is transmit or receive message.

So your COB-ID (Identifier) will be between 0x181 and 0x1FF for TPDO1.