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Adding External Function parameters to adjust groups

Greg R 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 4 1 duplicate

If you add an external function and try to drag an adjust item from it to an adjust group, it will not allow it. If you open the list of adjust items and find the parameter and drag it that way, it will allow it. This seems to have broke on the latest update. 

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To make channels in an external function adjustable, add the adjust item in the external, and then organize them in adjust groups in the main project. 

This is a deliberate change in IQANdesign 6.03. Before this change you could add adjust items also in the main project, but they were deleted whenever the external function was updated. 


49989Adjust items from external function instance added in main project deleted when updating external function
Channels must be made adjustable in the external function. Prevented adding channels from external function instances to adjust items / adjust group

My issue is with the method of adding parameters to the group in the main project after making them adjustable in the external function. you cannot go into the external function and drag the parameter from the graphical interface. you have to find it in the list of adjust items. 

I see. One trick to find the adjust item easier is to bring up the component navigator (Ctrl-J) when you have the channel marked in the function group, from the component navigator you can click on the adjust item to find it.  

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This is actually a bugfix, not a bug.. it was an intentional change we made in 6.03. 

The problem with adjust items for channels from an external was that the adjust items had to be automatically deleted whenever there was an update. 

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