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In and IQANdesign project file with multiple masters, is there a way to access particular sections of the Menu system?

As an example, I would like to use a button to access the menu page for logs so the user can see logs from all masters in the system and then be able to select the logs for a particular master. It appears I can only use a button to access the log file for the master that has the display page.

I would also like to access the menu page for other items such as Adjust Groups, Measure Groups, etc.  The customer would like a custom Main Menu page that fits their branding image and then be able to access the different areas of the menu system using a custom button based on their branding requirements.  Below that level the standard IQAN look will work.

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There has been a few similar questions requests, for examples on direct access to a log without navigating the menu system, and direct access to DM1/DM2 list. 

Not as easy as it might seem, but a good idea. 


With 6.06, buttons can link directly to logs on other masters, and also to modules. 

33990Add button shortcut to modules and remote logs
A module can be selected as button action to directly show the module info page.
Logs for remote modules are also available for button action.