IQANdesign 6.05 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 1

Main updates

Support J1939-76

SAE J1939-76 is the standardized functional safety protocol for J1939. It meets the requirements on bus communication set out in IEC 61508, and is designed to coexist with regular J1939 traffic. Implemented in IQANdesign using new J1939 FS frame in/out channels.

Image 2484

Example shows the J1939 FS frame in channel. It reads a Safety Data Group (SDG) consisting of a Safety Data Message (SDM) and a Safety Header Message (SHM). The SDM is an ordinary J1939 Parameter Group (PG) and is defined by this channel. The reception and validation of the SHM is done automatically by using the IQANdesign JFSIN channel.

Improved request and generation of passwords

The method for request and generation of passwords is improved. Now multiple safe passwords can be requested, generated, and installed in single step operations. 

Image 2492

Also see separate news article in knowledge base, describing each step.

Support for SVG images

Vector images in SVG format is supported in display page editor.

Image 2485

Use automatic value on width to maintain easily maintain aspect ratio.

Add more ISO images to library

Added more relevant ISO 7000 symbols to library. Cleaned up old library images.

Language support for external functions

Languages and translations can now be added in external functions.

Image 2486

When updating, languages are first matched on name and language code, then manually if needed.

Improved MD4 page navigation

The IQAN-MD4 is now switching faster between display pages.

MD4 GUI Improve state picker

Image 2487

The state picker has more room for text.

MD4: Improve robustness of settings

In some rare cases, an MD4 could have a bluescreen resulting from erroneous content in settings memory. If this happened, a blank application had to be sent to recover. The MD4 now recovers with application default from any settings error.

Improve MC4x under voltage recovery

Before IQANdesign 6.03 undervoltage on the MC4x could cause it to enter critical stop, requiring manual restart. Version 6.03 introduced recovery, but some outputs were still indicating error and had to be toggled to regain OK status. Now the module will restart (at a lower voltage), so that all outputs can start up with OK status. 


For more features and fixes, see release notes: