Some characters work in simulator but not MD4 display

Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago in IQANsimulate updated 2 years ago 2

The following characters show up on a label in the simulator but not on an MD4-7

It is similar to the issue with Cyrillic, discussed here, https://forum.iqan.se/en/communities/1/topics/2074-russian-language-not-showing 

Some characters are not included in the Default font. 

One solution is to select a different font on the language. 

For some characters you do get a warning in IQANdesign that says "the font lacks characters", but not for these characters. At least the font check warning should be better, I think. 

It's no problem that some characters are missing, it would just be nice if the simulator used the same font as the MD4 so WYSIWYG.

Maybe you could make the MD4 font into a TTF and include with IQANdesign/simulator? That way the GUI editor could also use the exact same font and we would see exactly how it will look inside design before even starting the simulator.