Scrape All Logs From Batch of Clone Files Into Excel/txt Files

Mack 2 years ago in IQANscript updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

Is there a way to save all logs from a clone into an excel file for a batch of clones? I'm not familiar with IQAN Script and we don't use it at all but, Ill learn it if this is possible. Use case: we receive many clones from the field as part of our warranty process. I want to compile these clones into a folder and then scrape all the logs into text or excel files. Can be a single file or one per clone. Hoping to identify which alarms we see most commonly across are machine models. The save as excel using IQAN run works it just requires saving each log group for each clone which will be very time intensive. A start would be if I could save all logs for a single clone in a single step.

I think they may have been asking for something similar here:


So I figured out how to scrape the all logs from the simulator using Script. Can you do the same on a clone file? I only have evaluation license at this point. Was getting a communication error trying to run it on a clone file in run. Is there a way to run a script on a batch of clone files?

If the clone is already running in the simulator, the script can be connected to it just as with a physical system. 

The problem is how to open the clone file and start the simulation. With existing functionality, this is only a manual operation, IQANsimulate cannot take clone files as command line argument.