Accessing a master module via VPN

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I have a remote machine that has a teltonika modem on it that I can access remotely using OpenVPN. I know the configuration of the VPN is good because I can access the Teltonika admin pages ( without issue from my laptop connected to my phone hotspot on

In the Teltonika  admin pages I can see that the modem has allocated a DHCP address to the MD4-10 module and I can ping it and successfully get responses from the display.

In Design I can see the MD4-10 module in the discovered modules but its discovered with an IP address of which is the VPN endpoint assigned to the openVPN tunnel at the modem end. Ive added a static module with the right IP address of, but unlike the discovered module the indicator light never turns green.

Any attempt to communicate with the module fails with a "failed to open a new communication session" error.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before and sorted a way through it, I'm trying to work out if this behaviour is due to a missconfiguration of my vpn, or if its by design because I know Parker have a solution exactly in this space. If my understanding is correct though its a 3G based solution where Australian Telco's have all announced end of life for 3G in comming nearterm months so not a particularly long life solution.....

help if you can

Hi Andy,

I don't have any answer on your VPN question sorry. But I can let you know that we have the GT modem with 4G (EU/AUS/NZ solution) in stock in Australia, so just a small correction on your last paragraph.

The native Parker solution offers some advantages when it comes to using IQAN software tools for remote monitoring, diagnostics and programming.


I think the easiest should be if you try to use IQANconnect for the remote connection. 

To enable connection via IQANconnect from the MD4 Ethernet, set the property Connect to IQANconnect in IQANdesign: 

Image 3379

In order for the MD4 to be able to reach the IQANconnect server, the only thing you should have to do on the network is to allow outgoing traffic on TCP port 60100. (also see Iqan connect Server adress / Software / IQAN)

For the original idea with finding the MD4 as a static module on the VPN, you could try to set a fixed IP address in the application. 

Thanks Gustav. Useful info.