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Dariush Ebrahimi Azarbayejan 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 3

I started looking into the Parker IQAN as I am developing an engineering solution with parker motors and inverters. I was looking around to find a good step by step training course for the IQANdesign, IQANrun and IQANsimulate, however the videos are not organised and not targeted for beginners. I have noticed there were training courses in previous years, and I was wondering if there will re-considering the training courses? Otherwise, please advise how to learn for beginners. 

Thank you


Hello Darlush,

I would suggest to start with the IQAN Design user manual. This is a very comprehensive developer guide. It is a weighty tome but very clear, provides logical instruction and includes lots of graphics. Chapter 22 gives you a range of worked examples too.

Hope this helps.

Nick Pridham,


When I wanted training I emailed a Guy called Ed Polzin at Parker I found there was training available in the USA and Europe and I could join in, at the time from Australia electronically interactively (albeit at about 2am our local time) or I could take a run through a Word document that had a stack of linked video's covering pretty much everything.

I chose to do the later and it took 2-3 days solid of working through the videos. Why Parker don't make this stuff visible for all I simply don't understand, this IQAN stuff is super capable, but because of that capability it can seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning....

Ive attached the word document here..... I tried the links again just before I posted to ensure they worked and the couple I tested are good


IQAN 6 Training Recordings.docx

Thank you Nick and Andy. Your help is very valuable and warm feeling. 

I will give them a try and will come back to this comment in few days.