Mark text to be able to copy text

EmilFernlund 1 year ago in IQANscript updated 1 year ago 2

It  would be great to let the user mark text in the script to be able to copy text.

I can see that a good use for this would be to copy for example the path for script output folder from the page showing script report.

For script pages, are the use cases for this idea the same as for the feature idea "General html links in IQANscript / Software / IQAN" ?  Then maybe that suggestion with clickable links could be a better feature to implement? 


The use cases could be the same as in the feature idea you link to. But it could also be other things. Like copying a value from a measured channel, ID number, phone number, or something completely different. 
If you are the end user of the script and there is something you don't udnerstand, you can copy the text and send to the developer of the script.