MC43 pinout documentation

Pierre Fagrell 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated 1 year ago 2

On page 38 in the instruction book it lists the following outputs for pin C2:50



DOUT-Y, -Z, -AA, -AB (HS)*

On the next page it lists the following outputs for pin C2:70





Can this be correct? I thought if DOUT-Z is on OUT_36a it must also be on OUT_36b

Another question is: How can I get the printout of pin assignments from IQANdesign to use pins C2:69-72 ?

For example if I am using DOUT-Y, DOUT-Z and DOUT-AA I like to move some of them to OUT_36b instead of OUT_36a and have this reflected in the exported documentation.


You are right, in the example with output OUT_36b this is controlled with the same channel/channels as OUT_36a. 

Thank you for pointing out, will be fixed. 

OUT_35a OUT_36a, OUT37a and OUT38a have the correct channels listed. 

For the other question, there is currently no method in IQANdesign for assigning a DOUT HS+LS pin so the highside is show on the OUT -b pins in the list view. 

But there is an old feature request for this here: 

Posibillity to visually occupy both OUT a and b, High … / Software / IQAN

Good, then the pins are as I assume.

Also there is missing information in the list when using multiple HS+LS.

Try for example to assign DOUT-AA, DOUT-AB and DOUT-Z

Only DOUT-AB will be mentioned on HS at pin C2:50 in the list view/print

DOUT-AA and DOUT-Z will not be mentioned at high side at all

Of course even if all the three outputs were shown in C2:50 it might be useful to move some of them to C2:70 as mentioned.