MD4 won't display unicode character for omega

705David 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 months ago 3

I am able to enter the unicode character for omega (Ω) into a display page for an MD4 but the MD4 just displays a blank space wherever it is used. I tried displaying it as a Unit with a Value Control as well as plain text in a Label Control with the same results.

Is this a bug?

For reference I have IQAN Design

This is what the display page looks like in IQAN Design:

Image 3549

Here is the display on the MD4:

Image 3550


I'm not sure it helps (in fact I'm sure it doesn't) but Ive tried using the Less than(<) Greater than(>) and Up caret(^) and Down Caret on an MD4 and the < and > are fine, but the Up and Down Caret show up on a PC with Simulate, but not on the actual MD4....  I suspect that is an issue with Simulate at least....



This is somewhere between bug and missing feature. 

The problem is that the Default font does not include all characters. The project check should find this and give a warning that informs you of this problem, but for Greek characters, the project check believes it is ok. 

See also:  Some characters work in simulator but not MD4 display / Software / IQAN

What you can do is to specify a different font than Default. 


From 7.00, the project check will give a warning about the character being missing from the default font.