Override Automatic IO Fault Messages with custom text and severity.

705David 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 1 year ago 3

The ability to override, disable, or modify the automatic message displayed when there is a fault on a specific IO point (High Error, Low Error, Open Load) would be beneficial for us.

There's a scenario where a PWM HS+LS signal is used to monitor an interlock loop. Some of the devices in the loop require a PWM signal to accept the interlock as valid. We would like to monitor the Output status for open load to determine if the loop is broken, so using a HS output and disabling Open Load Detection wouldn't work in this scenario.

If we could override the message text and severity for each IO Point individually, it allow Parker to keep the Open Load Detection where necessary, but we could have a more friendly interface for the operator without nuisance alarms.

So if I understand this, you need the output open load detect for the application logic, but want to suppress the popup message? 

I remember a similar idea about disabling specific error messages: Disable specific outputs or Inputs Error Messages / Software / IQAN

What about the entry in the system log? 

"So if I understand this, you need the output open load detect for the application logic, but want to suppress the popup message?"

Yes that's correct. Either that or to be able to modify the pop-up message that occurs.

As for the system log, it could be left there, but ideally we would either remove it or also modify the text in the log item.

Ideally there would be a status for each output channel that gives as much information on the load as is physically available. If the voltage on the output is measured by an ADC it would be really nice to see that value (even if it is inaccurate).