Automatic Level System

Martin Rendos 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated 1 year ago 2

Hello everybody, 

I am looking to find some solution for auto leveling option and I have found this. 


Do you have any idea how can I get to the original program? Or can you provide me with some example? 

I don't have a template application to share, but I have a comment on the link. The bulletin you found is a bit dated and was written for the US market. For a modern product selection, I'd recommend looking at the IQAN-MC4xFS series.

One aspect of this is that an auto level system for a machine in Europe will usually have requirements on functional safety.

Here is a brief introduction to that topic: Functional safety / Knowledge base / IQAN

Dear Gustav, 

thank you for your comment. I am aware that there will be a safaty requirements in Europe and in my project I am using MC..FS master controllers. But I am not able to make a program on my own and I am looking for someone who can.