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State Machine Channel (SMC) editing improvements

toby 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by jan 1 year ago 5

Upon adding a new state to a SMC, the SMC channel name is selected instead of the new state name and you have to go back and click the New State again to edit its name. This is very annoying and often results in changing the name of the SMC instead of the new state name.

I agree with Toby/Pierre, when you have a SMC with many states it is indeed very time consuming. 

Wouldn't it be an idea to arrange the SMC like a SP, to set state names/values etc. in the proporty ?

It would be also great if the proporty has a (Value) field to fill in the number of states you wish the SMC to contain , 

after you filled in the number automatically the states appear in the proporty 

(this could also be an advantage in SP proporty !!)

Another related thing, when editing a function parameter with 20 states it would be nice to have:

a) a chain link icon that sets all states to the default value

b) an expand all button that opens all states so you can type in values without clicking +

Under review

Good points. 

I changed topic to idea and changed topic title. (original was "State Machine Channel edits SMC name instead of New State Name when adding a state"). 

Another idea for State Machine Parameter:

Actual it's only possible to add a new state but wouldn't it be nice if you the option to copy a previous state with content ?

Saves a lot of cutting and pasting work