Alarm Management

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Is there a way to list all active alarms? I am looking for a mechanism to list all active alarms after the dialog boxes have been closed and for a easy way to determine if there is an active alarm after a dialog has been closed.

The Active Error Level SIC channel will only have a value of 1 (alarm) or 2 (error) if the alarms are NOT acknowledged. Once the dialog is closed the channel's value returns to 0 even if the alarm/error is still active. I like to use this status to turn on a lamp on the dash if any alarms/errors are present even if the dialogs have been closed and then provide the operator with a place to go to to look at all active alarms when that lamp is turned on.

Perhaps having the ability to connect the Reactivation property for System Dialog Boxes to a channel could be a means to force all the alarm popup to be displayed again by changing the time to 1s when the user presses a button, otherwise set it to some large value.

Thank you 

Currently, the best way to get an overview of active errors is with IQANrun. 

We have a few different suggestions on making something similar for the MD4, here is one idea: MD4-7 Dialog Box : ReActivation and Scroll ? / Software / IQAN

Hello Gustav,

Thank you for the reply. Have any of these ideas made it onto the development road map? Timeline?

Idea is that this functionality can be accessed from the HMI and not require IQANRun. This feature will be used by people who do not have a laptop or IQANRun.

Thank you


We think it is a good idea, but it is currently on our backlog without a timeline.