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MC43FS upgrade fails with traffic on separate CAN bus

Pierre Fagrell 1 month ago in IQANdesign updated 4 weeks ago 3

I have diagnostic bus on MC43FS CAN B connected to MD4

There are CANopen devices on MC43FS CAN C

IQANdesign is connected to MD4 via Ethernet

After upgrading of MD4 is complete it shows "Routing to MC43"

At this moment MC43 starts blinking long yellow + 2 short yellow "No application available"

Rebooting shows the same blink code and MD4 then shows application mismatch

Only way to make upgrade work is disconnecting CAN C.

I have uploaded CAN log from CAN C to filedrop.

Bus load on diagnostic/master bus 20-25%

Bus load on CAN C 30-35%

Additional information:

It works if I send application through bluetooth with G11. It does not work through Ethernet with MD4.

G11 is connected to the same diagnostic bus as MD4.

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Thank you Pierre. What software version is in the system when you try to send the update? 

It seems similar to an issue that was discussed in another post, and that was solved in 6.08.22, but I think the problem you see is different. 

Hi Gustav.

The symptoms are very similar, but probably a different cause. I am using version

The diagnostic bus is also a master bus and it has the option for J1939, but there are only IQAN devices connected to it on this machine.