IQANdesign 7 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago in IQANdesign updated 10 months ago 0

Feature highlights

Variant support on project files

Project files can be saved as variant projects, containing mutually exclusive options. Function groups, modules, buses, display pages and startup logos can be selected with the new Option groups.

Image 3843

When enabling variants on a project, IQANdesign is used to maintain a .idvx variant-enabled project file. From this main file, regular .idax files that only contain the options selected in the variant is exported, these exported files are then used on machines.

Measure items, adjust items, log items, display controls that refer to an option that is not used is automatically excluded. A variant option selector is used in the application logic for selecting available channel values.

The classic approach for managing machine options is to enable and disabling function groups and modules with adjust parameters. Variant projects give a powerful addition to this approach.

Examples of variant projects:

  1. Expansion modules can be an option. A machine with basic functionality could have I/O channels on an XC41, while a fully equipped machine could replace the XC41 with an XC43. With variants, the same channels in IQANdesign can be used for both the XC41 and XC43 option.
  2. Function groups can be an option. A fully electric machine will for example not need functions for engine diagnostics, by making mutually exclusive function groups optional it is possible to save memory on controllers.

Switch to 64-bit

IQANdesign, IQANrun, IQANsimulate and IQANscript are now 64-bit, solving problems related to very large applications running out of memory on the PC.

New security properties

Image 3844

Control Allow stop with application logic, this is used both for local connections and remote connections. 

Select if it shall be possible to connect with IQANdesign using Allow IQANdesign.

Resizing channels and function groups

Image 3845

Channel and function group with can be made wider.

Constant channels in external functions

Initialization function group can now be added in an external function. 

Image 3846

When adding an instance of the external to the main project, this is added as a function group under initialization.

More memory available for application

Optimized MC4xFS firmware, the amount of RAM and flash available for application is increased with 200kB:

  • MC41FS increased to 716 KB
  • MC42FS increased to 1740 KB
  • MC43FS increased to 1740 KB

Note that this change applies to FS masters only. 

    IQANconnect free

    Remote connections no longer require a separate IQANconnect license.

    Image 3847

    To try the connection, see IQANconnect demo machine

    More details

    More details on features and fixes in IQANdesign 7.00.45 release notes and IQANsimulate 7.00.27 release notes

    For a more thorough description of variant projects, see IQANdesign user manual. 


    • All modules in 6.x carried over to version 7. New project checks only as warnings.
    • IQANrun 6 can be used with version 7 systems; online operations as well as send application and get clone. IQANrun 7 is necessary for view project.
    • CAN adapters need 64-bit support
    • Minimum OS version Windows 10
    • IQANdesign plugin-modules removed. Introduced in 5.00, but creation of plugin modules was never released. Use external functions instead, made easier by initialization group in externals.

    Known problems 7.00

    • PIN on MC4xFS logs must be fixed or local channel. Multimaster PCC will work in 7.01