IQANrun 7 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 11 months ago in IQANrun updated 6 months ago 4


IQANrun 7 has an updated user interface, more similar to IQANgo. 

Online operations System, Logs, Measure and Adjust are on tabs at the top of the window. 

Send operations such as send to machine and get clone are available with one click on the main menu. 

Image 3853

When clicking connect or selecting an operation that requires connection, a connect dialog is shown. The tab for last used interface is selected as default. 

Image 3856

Single adjust such as function parameters can be adjusted directly when entering the adjust group, giving better overview when adjusting. Click on value to type in or use +- buttons. 

Image 3857

Adjust items with multiple values E.g. COUT is presented in a more compact form. 

Image 3852

New and improved adjust view

Image 3854

Application viewer in a separate Window

Other features 

IQANconnect free

Remote connections no longer require a separate IQANconnect license.

Inform of firmware update

IQANrun now shows confirmation dialog informing of firmware update. 

Image 3855

In a multi-master system, the version info shown is for the address 0 headmaster.

See also Release notes - IQANrun 7


IQANrun 6 compatibility

  • IQANrun 6 can be used with version 7 systems; online operations as well as send application and get clone. IQANrun 7 is necessary for view project.

IQANrun 7 compatibility

  • Support file operations down to version 3.
  • CAN adapters need 64-bit support
  • Minimum OS version Windows 10

Several years ago many Windows apps and Web apps were made touch screen friendly by introducing lots of whitespace around menu items and list items so they are easy to click with a finger. This made the apps less useful on laptops since it introduces a lot of scrolling and it becomes hard to get an overview of many items.

Recently many of them introduced an option or default to select "compact" mode which again makes the apps useful for laptops with touchpad or mouse.

This is an example from IQANrun 7 with two scrollbars that are added because of unnecessary whitespace:

Image 3863

This is Microsoft Outlook in "touch friendly mode" compared to "laptop friendly efficient mode":

Image 3866

On my 15" laptop I can fit 26 adjust items on screen with IQANrun 6. IQANrun 7 only fits 14 adjust items on the same screen.

Please make an option in IQAN run to have a "compact" display for users without touch screen. 🥺

Is the multimeter function not available anymore in Run 7? 

I realy miss this tool when making adustments 

In previous versions of IQANrun I can select a log, click save and get an excel copy of the log. This can then be processed in excel to display the log information in a readable or graphical format. I have just updated to IQANrun 7 and I can't work out how to save the log files into excel format? There is no toolbar in IQANrun7 that contains the "save" button.

Image 4108

In IQANrun 7, when you view a log on the system, you find a menu button to the right that you can use for saving. 

Image 4109

From the prinstcreen, it looks like the you have a clone file open. In that menu, the save button is indeed missing.