Alien Module Detected

Gord 7 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 months ago 1


When I view my IQAN project in IQANRun I see that the master module is reporting Alien Module Detected.

I have two IQAN projects.

Project A is a multi master project with a MD4-7 (ID tag 0) and MC43FS (ID Tag 1).

Project B has a single MC41FS (ID Tag 7)

The other CAN ports on all these controllers are connected to a number of different devices.

All controllers CAN A are connected together. In IQANDesign CAN A is setup as the DIAG bus and for J1939 traffic. The master module communicate with each other via J1939 PGNs.

Everything appears to be working properly except I see this message about alien module detected. I assumed since these are two separate projects and all master controllers have different ID tags they should not care.

Is this a bug? Design issue?

Another issue is that when uploading Project A is causes Project B controller to also enter a programming state even though it will not be programmed. Is there not a check that is done by the controllers to see if they are a target that is going to be programmed? Is this another bug?

I am using IQANDesign 7.

There is functionality to check that there is a correct system on the Diagnostics bus. 

Mixing two multi-master systems will definitely not work. Mixing a single master application and a multi-master application on the same bus will also have its limitation. 

When IQANrun connects, it tries to get a response from all masters in the system. The single-master also responds, so IQANrun sees that there is another IQAN master that does not belong in the multimaster system. System integrity in IQANrun will show "alien module found". 

For the application stop, see Multi master programming issue: / Software / IQAN