MC34FS Module Dropout On Update

Kevin 7 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 2

We have a system with 1 x MC43FS, 1 x MD4-7, 1 x XC21 and 2 x MC41FS, running

On MC43FS we have 2 x CAN Open encoders on CAN Bus E that are sending PDO and heartbeat information as soon as we apply power. These are configured to run at 125kbps. We established that when updating the project it would update all the modules except MC43FS which hangs and crashes out. It seems to begin updating the MC43FS module (does it last in line after all the others), but stops halfway through and crashes out. System has to have power cycled and screen says no application and have to reload the software. Occasionally it will load in, around 10% success rate. When it drops out i get flash 'no application available' as in instruction manual.

Unplugging one encoder and IQAN will allow me to update the system including the MC43FS with occasional dropout.

Changing the bus speed of the encoders has improved it, seems to allow me to update the system with both encoders connected smoothly, occasionally hangs but significantly better.

Is there an interaction between the MC43FS firmware and speed of CAN devices? We had this issue a few years back on a MC3 and that was conflicting speeds on firmware check before boot. Seems it may also be present on these newer modules?

Weirdly also it says 6.08.24 for the MC43FS, however we are using 6.08.30. I noticed the IQANDesign 6.08.30 only has this for the MD4 and not the MC43FS, which mislead me somewhat when trying to establish the fault.

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What you are describing with the CANopen nodes seems similar to a problem that was described in another post some time ago: MC43FS upgrade fails with traffic on separate CAN bus / Software / IQAN

That was also CANopen traffic on a bus to a module being updated in a multimaster system. Troubleshooting was done through regular support channels and we figured out how the CANopen traffic could cause the update to fail. 

A good troubleshooting step would be to take CAN traces of the CANopen traffic and reach out to your local application engineering support with this information. 

Regarding software version in the MC4xFS, version 6.08.24 is correct. The updates in IQANdesign 6.08.30 are only MD4 and IQANdesign updates. 


I am quite sure this was caused by a problem that is now fixed in 7.01. 

58991Software update could be interrupted by traffic on generic CAN bus
Could occur in some multi-master systems. Fixed.