Heap check failed

Brendon 8 months ago in IQANdesign updated 7 months ago 2


What is a 'Heap Check Failed' error, and could it be related to slow navigation between screens?
I am also seeing 'Error Initializing embsup.dll' in the Project Statistics.  Wondering if that is related.

I am getting the error on a MD4-10, using IQAN (though I inherited this project, it may have originated in an earlier version).

Project is about 11MB.

I see there is another post about this here.  Not sure what the solution was though.

Would simply upgrading to Version 6 resolve this, and would that potentially resolve the slow screen issue.

Also I have no issues Simulating the project.  When the app is loaded to an MD4 it loads fine, however it navigates between screens very slow.

Heap check failed is related to the error you see in statistics, Error Initializing embsup.dll. 

Something has gone wrong when IQANdesign tried to initialize the application.

The other post Heap check failed warning / Software / IQAN you saw was caused by a bug with export, solved in 5.03 , release notes case 47364. In that other case, both the simulator and the MD4 was crashing.

I can't think of any known issue in 5.07 that cause this symptom, but try upgrading to 6.08 or 7.00.

Slow navigation between display pages is probably a different issue, related to utilization.

I ended up determining the cause of the slow navigation.  There was too much happening on one of the screens.  I separated out some of the functionality across different screens and it resolved the lag.

I will test in 6.08 and 7 to see if that clears the heap error.