IQANconnect goes free

Torbjörn Andreasson (Product manager) 5 months ago in IQANconnect updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 months ago 4

As of mid February we have released IQANconnect so that no more connection fees apply.

The IQANStore is updated accordingly.

More information about how it works can be found here IQANconnect article

Have fun connecting!

Anyone is having a hard time connecting remote since they went free? The handshake seems to be fault 9 times out of 10, it is getting frustrating. Also, they stay "online" all the time, they never refresh their actual status once they go online once. Am I the only one?

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Under review

I can reproduce the problem that a system that systems that are offline still appears to be online, with a module that connect directly to IQANconnect via its Ethernet port. On such systems it should time out after a few minutes.

For connection via G11/G12 and IQANgo remote assistance, the status is updated as it should when disconnecting. 

How are your systems connecting to IQANconnect?

Could the error message for no handshake reply be that you tried connecting to systems that weren't online but showed as online in the list?

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We are using cellular modules over the ethernet ports of the MD4. We never had issues in the past, we would normally get the MD4 to provide the IQANkey after maximum a minute or two (Waiting for address). Now, I can stay in the Waiting for address or Retry in short for extended periods (hours). This is problematic as this is our way of doing service support.


The IQANconnect server software has been updated, solving the problem that modules connected directly from the master module Ethernet still showed as connected.