TFC word-wrap and concatenation

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I  want to use a Text Formatting Channel to concatenate two or more text parameters into a single cohesive blob of text to overcome the 100 character Text Parameter limitation and help format the text neatly.  I found two bugs:

  1. TFC doesn't carriage-return/word-wrap when using a fixed pixel width.  Static text labels do word-wrap correctly.  TFC should also word-wrap rather than truncating to a single line of fixed width.  The designer shows TFC word-wrapping but the simulator and real display do not word-wrap.Image 4200
  2. My TFC is freezing and failing to concatenate some of the strings in the attached example.  The channel measure tool in IQANdesign shows the TFC updating and concatenating two TPs correctly but the real display and simulator view do not refresh.  

IQANdesign shows the TFC updating:

Image 4201

Real display and simulator TFC freezes in state 1 when TPs are on state 2:Image 4199

Please see the attached example, you will find the concatenation works some of the time but not all of the time:

junk test TFC bugs.idsx



Line wrap is only supported on text labels, not on text value controls. Unfortunately it can appear as if value controls can line wrap when looking at the display page editor. See discussion here: Multi line in value property at display does not work / Software / IQAN. The IQANdesign display page editor will be updated so it does not give the appearance of line wrap when resizing text value controls. 

Thank you for attaching the test application. I see that the combined text length in state 2 is  >100 characters. 

The MD4 value control only supports up to 100 characters: 

Image 4203

To be fair this limitation on value controls has not been so well documented. TP limit has always been 100 characters but the same limit on Value control wasn't added to the user manual until last version. 


Thank you for the quick response.