Opening function inspector when releasing the channel to facilitate moving channel

A DOMS 3 months ago in IQANdesign updated 2 months ago 4

When you want to move a channel,

if you left-click on it, the function inspector automaticly open.

and this prevent to move your channel, you have to release and click again while the function inspector is open.

Could be great to open the function inspector only after releasing channel.

I have not noticed this, but usually I have the function inspector pinned so it stays up all the time. 

Is it that you want to move the channel down a bit to an area that gets covered by the function inspector? 

I didn't find how to pin the function inspector.

It close automatically each time I click outside or on a channel which don't have code.

I have some channel with big code, so my function inspector is often big.

You can have a look on this exemple :

- When I click and old the channel, the function inspector open, and I can't move the channel as I want to.

- I have to release,

- Reduce the size of function inspector

- Select again if unselected by clicking outside

- move my chanel where I want

- Open again my function inspector and put the size up

Just to move one chanel.

Image 4315

I see what the problem is, the pin icon is missing. 

This was reported here and fixed in 7.02, released a few weeks ago. 

Ok I just saw the new version. I didn't update yet.

But can help to open the function inspector only after releasing the left click !