math channel gradient scaling

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It would be nice to scale gradient colors with a math channel. One example would be for a fuel level sensor. If a different tank size is used, we have to manually revise the gradients low fuel level color in Design. If we could do this with a math channel, settings could be setup to be used within IQANrun. The way it's setup now makes it difficult for programs that are revision controlled.

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I would also have use for this. Say for some machine function that needs to be within a certain range of pressure,which is adjustable, it would be very nice to have the gauge scale/circular bar color gradient change with the adjusted pressure range parameters, so you could have your target range in green and the range outside the target range be red. I don't know of a way to achieve this currently, without overlapping a bunch of different gauges with different scale gradients and hiding/showing each gauge based on the settings, which is not ideal, Other HMI programming software I've used has this functionality and it came in handy.

It would also be nice to have the gauge range values be controlled by an adjustable integer parameter for when we need gauge readouts to switch between multiple unit systems. We currently overlap the metric and imperial gauges and hide/show them when appropriate, but it's clunky and a lot of duplicate work.

I agree and have to do the same. Even with digital pressure readings, bar graphics, etc. everyone still likes to see that gauge graphic.

I asked almost for the same a little while ago. Changing the colors by a channel.
Also for text colors etc. it should be a great future.

See also https://forum.iqan.se/communities/1/topics/2790-change-bargraph-colors-by-input-channel