IQANrun feedback and missing feature from earlier versions

Fredrik Forsberg 8 years ago in IQANrun updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 6 years ago 2
  • Measure groups has to be set in IQANdesign before measuring in IQANrun. You cannot make your own measure groups in IQANrun anymore and thats a step backwards as it was a nice feature often used when troubleshooting/analysing machines.
  • Auto scale scales all the curves in different scales. The curves does not gets the same scaling.
  • Possibility to reverse the zoom steps is missing in graph.
  • Filename not visible on saved measurement when looking at a graph.

Satisfaction mark by Fredrik Forsberg 6 years ago
Under review

Thank you for the feedback!

The re-introduction of a quick measure function that makes it possible for the IQANrun user to create additional measure groups is on the list of features for 5.00. It has also been requested here.

Showing the filename of saved measure files and an undo zoom are also on the list of features for 5.0 or 5.x

Could you elaborate a bit on the suggestion for the auto scale function? That function is currently scaling each signal individually based on the measured values, so that each signal is centered. I assume you would want measure items with the same units to get the same scale instead? But what about measure groups where there are different units, like rpm and percentage?


Multimeter feature added in IQANrun 5.02, see comment here.

(Filename in caption bar was added in IQANrun 5.00.)