MD4-7 blue screen

Ed Schippers 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 16

Hi, sometimes at start up a blue screen appears and the system does not boot.

any ideas?Image 234

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I am aware of a possible bluescreen that could occur in 3.19.7 and earlier when there were CAN bus problems in multi-master systems. There was a fix for that issue in 3.19.9


But this bluescreen does not show the exact symptom as that one did.

Has there been any progress on this?

I've had two MD4-7's on the bench in the last two days that look and act almost exactly as Ed's.

I'm using Design 4.02.

They worked just fine for a while, and then finally one power cycle, they show the blue screen, and won't boot. I'm about ready to send them in on warranty.


After vigorously power-cycling the MD4, we were able to get it to boot.

Ed, did you just work around the problem by power cycling a lot?

Luke, did you take a photo of how the bluescreen you got looked with version 4.02?

Hi Gustav,

I just took one this morning. Here's what it looks like:


Thanks Luke, it looks like this watchdog reset occurs very early during the startup. I have copied the information to a helpdesk case, as we might need to exchange some proprietary information to figure out if there is anything application specific that triggers this.


About the original post from November 2015, that problem existed until 3.19.9, and could be triggered when the application contained a large font. That problem was fixed in 4.00.


The second issue in version 4.02 is due to a timing issue, where a small application that has the minimum cycle time set (10 ms), can get a watchdog reset because the watchdog time is started too early. A workaround is to use a larger application or longer cycle time.

This problem is fixed in version 4.03, scheduled for release by the end of June.

My MD4-10 Started doing this. I am unable to operate the device. Is there any way I can recover this module?


To recover - Remove the address tag (starts in safe mode - does not load the program)...load a program that is known good then restart with the address tag connected.

We are having the same issue on power up intermittent blue screen. It also seems to happen more frequent if during the boot process one of the Can buses becomes very active. Example MD4 is powered with battery switched and during the boot process ignition is turned on(powering the drive line) (power to the engine ecu, trans, ABS) this seems to cause the blue screen more frequent. This is still occurring with however it has seemed to improve the frequency the blue screen occurs from previous versions. With that aside the MD4 still intermittently fails to boot simply by cycling power showing the blue screen.

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Thank you, the observation that the activity on the CAN buses seems to affect it is a very interesting. And since it occurs on 4.03, it must be a third issue.

The picture of the bluescreen with timestamp august 10th is showing vmAC 3.19.10 being used, while the picture from the menu system is saying 4.03.27.

Do you have a picture also of how the bluescreen you got on 4.03.27 looks?

Sorry here is a more recent pic sorry for the quality!


I believe you were contacted by someone last week asking some more application specific questions off-forum about the machine.

As general questions, it would be good to know the following:

-Cycle time on the MD4

-Measured cycle utilization on the MD4. It can be difficult to measure at startup, but the cycle utilization measured during normal operation will give an indication.

-As the problem seems to be related to amount of CAN bus traffic, it would be good to measure in IQANanalyze what the CAN bus utilization is on each of the buses at startup.


For the MD4 bluescreen occuring at startup, version 4.07.12 solves a problem triggered by the application changing backlight a certain time during startup