LED lamp and how is it controlled it via the program

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where on the MC41 I connect LED lamp and how is it controlled it via the program


I have A MC41, and there it not possible,

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According the docu, it should be possible to connect it to a lowside dout for instance pkm 39

But jn design 5.01 this LS output cannot be selected as separate output, only in combination with a HS output.....this gives an openload error, because an LED only has a load of maybe 20 mA.

So i do not have a solution at the moment


On the MC4 platform, it is the MC43 that has dedicated LED low-side drivers.

On the Digital out HS, the undercurrent detection can be disabled, but the leakage current for off-state open load detection will cause an LED to glow. 

On the Digital out HS + LS, the undercurrent detection is not possible to disable, as the load is < 60 mA it will trigger an open load error when activating. 

In IQANdesign 5.02 we introduced a property to disable undercurrent detect on digital out HS+LS.