IQAN- MC4x real time clock not available for logs

C. Harp 6 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by Eric Metz 6 years ago 2

I recently discovered that the MC4x family does not have a RTC pin and therefore when you go to pull a log on a file, it simply gives you a "start number" and a base line of 12:00:00AM. This is not sufficient for what most of my customers needs are. 

Are there any plans to add in an RTC pin to enable us to have actual time available when logging.

This would be very helpful for us as well!  We have a few proof of concept applications completed but without proper log functionality they would be hard to commercialize.

Has there been any movement on this?  I don't understand why this functionality would not be included in these, when it exists in all of the other Master Modules.