md3 premature failure in humidity?

mgoutier 6 years ago in Master modules / MD3 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 3

I have a customer who has had 2 MD3's fail in 2 years. They are in Puerto Rico and they think this is due to the humidity. Has anyone else seen this? I personally have not seen the MD3 that they are replacing so I don't know if it is beat up or user error. 

Humidity can enter the MD3, but it should not affect the operation.  There is a breather port on the back  of the MD3 to allow moisture to escape if it enters. 

This MD3's back is inside an enclosure, which should not be exposed to open air. But thank you for the response.

I wonder why they believe it is due to humidity, the MD3 is designed and tested for operation in a quite harsh environment. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion before investigating the module at the manufacturing site. 

As long as the enclosure is intact, there is not much humidity that can enter the enclose, and as Kerry points out, the goretex breather vents this. Even with humid air, the coating protects the electronics.

My suggestion would be to get the modules that were replaced returned for investigation, along with a description of the symptoms that were observed.