Sebastien 6 years ago in Master modules / MD3 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1

.One of my customer receive this message , this is a MD3. I dont know why ?

Image 1075

The logging will stop if there write action fails. If the problem is not persistent you can just restart the MD3, and the log will start working again.

How the MD3 handles an error depends to some extent on the software version. The software for the logging has been improved in a number of steps. In version 3.19 we added a retry-function, so that a single glitch would not cause logging to stop. In version 4.00 there were larger changes made to improve performance,

A suggestion is to start troubleshooing by checking if you are able to view the logs from the MD3 and if you are able to retrieve the log with IQANrun.