Connect PC to MD3 by G1 modem

Thomas Vernet 6 years ago in Master modules / MD3 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1

Hi all,

I connected an old G1 modem to a MD3.

The connection between them is OK, the modem receive and send SMS.

But when I connect my laptop with IQANRun2 to the system (MD3+G1) I have a Blue Screen.

Image 1144

Do you think the modem I'm using can cause the problem if it send voice instead of data?(56k USB Modem USRobotics)

I do not recall seeing this particular error from the time when the G1 was used. 

I remember that voice calls instead of data connections was a common mistake, but not that it would yield this error. Since you got text messages to work it is probably not the other classics from back in the days, wrong baudrate or problems with startup timing. 

When we removed IQAN-G1 from the softwares in version 4.00, the network operators had already started to close down circuit switch data in the cell-phone networks, I haven't kept up with the symptoms of modem problems since then. 

My recommendation for a remote connection nowadays is to install an IQAN-G11 on the CAN bus and use IQANsync -IQANconnect for the remote diagnostics.