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Hi there,

I have been working on the project that would involve MC41 master. Application that I have been working requires 8 digital outputs. MC41 has got 4 DOUTs and 2 bidirectional COUTs (current out). In the past I used XA2 that allowed to use these COUTs for DOUTs. It was clearly shown on electrical schematic. When I have checked electrical schematic for MC41 it did not show this option. Can I use these COUTs for additional DOUTs that I require or what can be suggested to achieve my requirement. I would like to add that I am rather 'mechanical' guy and have some problems with electronics. Have been working with IQAN since 2007.

Thanks in advance

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The first thing to be careful about is to understand that using the COUT or PWM OUT HS+LS to drive two coils will only allow you to activate one coil at a time.  If that is acceptable for your application, then the next thing i recommend is to use the PWM OUT HS+LS instead of the COUT.  It will be more straight forward to control these outputs in the software.  In this case:

0% - both coils inactive

+100% - coil A active, coil B inactive

-100% - coil A inactive, coil B active.

Since you are using these all as digital outs, note the instruction book regarding the use of clamping diodes on the outputs where needed.


The best way to control control 8 on-off coils using an IQAN-MC41 is by utilizing the PWM out HS+LS as Ed suggests. 

PWM out HS+LS use the same pins as COUT, but you set MR 100% to instead of a specific current. 

A comment about installation and diodes, on the MC4x PWM out HS+LS pins, the diodes are internal to the module. The IQAN-MC4x instruction book shows:

You install these just as a regular COUT for a proportional valve. 

On the Digital out HS pins, you will need to install external diodes (unless it is really small loads)


Gustav thanks very much...I am still in love with IQAN...