MD3 on borrowed time?

Forrest 6 years ago in Master modules / MD3 updated 6 years ago 2

I was told some months ago, the the MD3 would be obsoleted sooner rather than later, but I have not seen anything further on this.

Any idea how far out is the timeline on obsoleting the MD3?


Not sure who you talked to, was it a Parker guy? 

There might have been some confusion with the IQAN-MDM, a product from the previous generation platform called IQANdevelop. This is going out of production.

It is also possible that the person got confused by the old part number for the MD3 that is obsoleted, and that was replaced by the MD3-M15. See: 


Yes, a Parker Guy at an industry show. It was not that it was soon to stop production, but soon to switched over to obsolete status, where prices go way up and long term suport is no longer guaranteed. Maybe he was just trying to get me to switch to the MD4.