HBC Receiver (XR)

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I have come across an old machine that has a HBC Remote Receiver which is connected into an MDL2 system using the XR expansion module. The proportional Inputs from the remote are configured as Voltage In and from the view point of the IQAN system operate from 0 to 5 volts so every time the proportional paddle is moved to full stroke in either direction a system generated error is produced and the input is turned off. Has anyone come across this problem is there a simple solution. The HBC suppliers say that can't change or scale the outputs from the receiver.

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Hello Kraige.

The simplest solution is to change the "Max [mV]" and "Min [mV]" parameters on the Voltage in to 5000 mV and 0 mV.

You will then effectively remove the High Error and Low Error detection of the voltage input.

But you will not have any error detection on this input if you do.

But it might not be necessary to change them all the way to 0 and 5000 depending on what the values actually goes to when moving the paddle.

Thanks for the response Thomas. I have changed the Max and Min parameters to 5000mV and 0mV.

The error is system generated and occurs once the voltage input goes out of the 500 - 4500 mV range independent to the settings of the Max and Min parameters.

Yes, you will get rid of those system generated message if you set the min/max to 0 and 5000.

Where did you change the settings? in IQANdesign?

If you did that the changes will not be applied when you download unless you have set it to overwrite all your settings with what you download. 

If there is settings for a channel in the module it will not overwrite those when you download, that is so that you do not have to redo all you settings every time you do a small change in the application.

So you need to change the min/max via IQANrun or in the display.

You can also remove the VIN channel in IQANdesign and add a new exactly the same with your new settings and download.

Then that channel will get you setting from the application as that channel ID does not have any settings in the module.

Just remember that the new channel will not be in adjust/logs that the old one was in.

Great Thomas that explains what went wrong. I did the changes with Design.