XC10 Multiple Address

James A 6 years ago in Expansion modules / XC10 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 2

I have a project that uses one MD3 and one XC10. The XC10 sits on its on Expansion Bus CAN line with no other devices except for the MD3. Occasionally, during startup the XC10 will report multiple address.

Currently we tell the customer to power cycle the machine if this comes up and it typically goes away. I am looking into automating this if possible. I have tried a few things and have not had any luck. Is there a way to do a forced reset either on the MD3 and/or XC10 to try and reset the error?

Right now, the XC10's V+ supply is behind a relay so I can cycle it power directly. Testing this method has also not panned out.

MD3 cycle time is at 10ms. I read on a different forum post that the XC10 can only go down to 20ms. Ideally, I want to keep the cycle time as low as possible because of how the machine operates. Would going to 20ms help with the multiple address issue?

Are there any othe XC10 limitations I should know about?

Is there anything else I can experiment with to try and resolve the multiple address without the user’s input?


The following assumes that you are using IQANdesign 5 for your project.

Likely Cause:

The multiple address error is generated when the number of polls from the master and the number of responses from the expansion module do not match.  So the master thinks there is a rogue expansion module on the bus with the same address.  In the case you are seeing, the MD3 is likely polling that XC10 too quickly for it to respond and therefore, at one point the MD3 receives 2 responses from the XC10 after a poll request.  If the XC10 misses a poll request, it may not be long enough to time out and cause a No Contact error.

Potential Solution:

You can still run your MD3 application cycle time at 10 ms, but you'll need to adjust the polling cycle time for the expansion bus to accomodate the 20ms limitation of the XC10.  You can select the expansion bus bubble in the system layout view, and it is one of the properties for that item.  See the dynamic help window for info on how to use that property.

Hopefully you'll then be able to eliminate the need for a relay or any other work arounds you have tried.