MD4 touch screen not responding

Jean-Marc Zanni 5 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by LoriNagle 3 years ago 3

We use the MD4-7 for all our systems.  I have one of my customer with a Fairly new(3 years) but rarely used unit for a test bench.  He complains and I witness that is touch screen is often not responding.  It is mounted on an aluminum test bench.  Sometimes if he moves the unit away from the bench it seems to respond better but not always.  We tried to ground the unit but it did not improve.  Do you think this is an hardware issue or is there mounting issue we need to look at?

I believe the issue you are seeing here is the same as reported by myself and also Ethan Zeman.  The touch input part of the screens seem to fail around this timing mark.  I have sent screens back to OEMs for evaluation, awaiting responses....


With the date of the original post (late 2018), my best guess is that damaged hardware was the most plausible cause. 

There has since been updates on both design and manufacturing process. 

Hello..I did a hard reset and still appear to encounter the issue. I can hold home to move beyond the lock screen yet in any event, when opened, contact screen wont work. A delicate reset appears to determine it up until this point, however I was contemplating whether its equipment or programming. I am running stock, other than being established and the difficulty possibly began when I moved up to MD4. Never had any issues with any earlier form.

A delicate reset may take care of the issue for a couple of moments, at that point it happens once more.