Replacement For Legacy IQAN-LM Lever Unit

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We have noted that the recommended replacement for the IQAN-LM-3D mini lever is the IQAN-LC6-X05 analog joystick, which has the same small size and 3rd axis option - combined with an IQAN-XC21 CAN module for the CAN feature.

Is it possible to directly interchange the IQAN-LM-3D with the combination IQAN-LC6-X05 / IQAN-XC21 on an older machine with an IQAN Develop platform (MDM system) in the same way the IQAN-LC5-C02 can replace an IQAN-LL unit?

Publ.no: HY33-8405-IS/UK is a good reference for changing out LL units, do you have a similar document for the LM?

It is neat that you can change to the latest generation of large lever unit without any application change, my question is can we do the same for the LM?

Thank you.

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We don't have the same type of drop-in solution that exists with IQAN-LC5-C02 and adapter cable for replacing IQAN-LL. 

For replacing an IQAN-LM in a system using IQAN-MD3, the best solution is to update the IQANdesign application and add an IQAN-XC21 as input module for each LC6 lever. 

For replacing an IQAN-LM in an old IQANdevelop MDM system, what we do have a partial solution. This consists of an IQANdesign application that can be adapted for use with e.g. IQAN-MC41 together with XC21 and LC6. In this solution, the IQAN-MC41 acts as a protocol gateway implementing the legacy protocol. We are not publishing the project file here,  but OEM:s and distributors looking at creating aftermarket replacement solutions can acquire it via the IQAN support at the local Parker sales company. 



Thank you for the response Gustav, we have the application you speak of now - through our Parker sales company and we are implementing it. Very pleased there is something we can provide to replace the moving parts in an older system. Thanks again!

Hello Tim,

Hydraulkompaniet have put together a plug-n-play solution complete with wiring harness and software.

Link to our webshop.


Installation guide: