Faulty/broken MD4

L P C 6 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Aleksey M. 3 years ago 6

We have had multiple MD4 units (7 and 10 inches) no longer powering up.

Do you have any idea what could cause that?  We're using fuses to protect the units, but sometimes they still seem to fail on normal operation.

If you suspect the modules have been damaged, sending them for repair might reveal clues to what has happened. 

For this type of question, you need to get in touch with your Parker sales rep or local distributor. 

I have a similar issue with a customer. Relatively brand new machine (<1 year old) and they are reporting the MD4-7 no longer powers on. It is fuse protected, and the display is located inside an enclosed cab so I believe it is an internal issue.

Can you confirm that the display brightness was not inadvertently turned down to 0%, making it appear to not function?

I'm not near the machine but I can confirm that. When attempting to do a remote login and pull the program I got an error stating IQAN could not detect the MD4-7 [1] and that the operation failed. There is also an MC43 on the machine but it would not pull without seeing both masters. 

I have to report a similar issue.  Unit built in 2017.  Just started commissioning in late 2018. Project in development not installed in field.  Was working well one day did not start the next day.  Sent unit for repair.  Replaced by vendor  but no feedback on cause.  This is the first of the unit we have used to fail. 

It was not the Screen  as we did not have Ethernet communication either.

I have a similar issue.

The new system with the MD4-7-T1E2 module (multi-master with MC43), stopped turning on about two weeks after installation (was turned on for several hours every day). I don’t know the date of manufacture, but it was purchased at the end of 2019.

The module is protected by a 1A fuse. When turned on, it consumes 260 mA (24V), the backlight glows slightly, the screen is black, there are no contact via CAN bus or Ethernet.

We have contacted the distributor and are waiting for a response. But I'm afraid that they will refuse to replace or repair, because a lot of time has passed since the purchase...