Directional Motor Control with COUTs

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Hi all,

I'm thinking about controlling a motorized hydraulic pressure relief valve (the motor turns the pressure setting in and out) with two COUTs on an XA2 module. The motor was previously controlled with a couple of digital outputs and relays as an H-bridge. This is more of a XA2 hardware question; are the diodes necessary to protect the high side COUT as shown?:

Image 1465

Obviously only running either COUT A or COUT B at a time.

Or are diodes not needed?:

Image 1466



The serial diode will do nothing to protect the COUT highsides, the COUT highsides are already capable of being shorted to battery voltage without suffering any damage. 

You might want to reconsider using the XA2 in your design. Looks like it's going to be discontinued at some point.

We're looking at the changes in IQANdesign 6.00 that was released today and found this:

Remove modules no longer recommended for new design
IQANdesign 6 only includes the most modern target products. Following modules are no longer recommended for new designs, and are not carried over to IQANdesign 6:
XR radio
These modules will instead continue to be supported in the 5.x branch.

Thanks Dave,

I had met with John Thomas several months ago, and he told me that Parker was going to (unofficially) stop making XA2 modules. I guess design 6.00 makes the discontinuation official.

I've actually taken all of the XA2s out of my design, and instead I'm using 4 MC43 modules as a multi-master system. The 'headmaster' MC43 treats the other three as expansion modules, and controls their I/O with APPINs and APPOUTs.

The MC43s are cheaper than XA2 modules, and have way more I/O. The only thing I don't like about them are the MX123 connectors.

I was told that Parker will release the expansion version, the XC4x "soon", but I don't know any specifics.

Looks like it's happening again.