MC43 VREF error Value 0.00 V

Sebastien 5 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 7

What can be the cause of this error ?

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It should be 5.0 VDC, most of the time the cause is a short too ground or Vref - by faulty wiring or a broken sensor.


I have the same thing going on  but I have reference voltage and is being used by some sensors and everything works.???

Never got an answer on this.

Hi Jerry,

Generally speaking, the issue is that the Vref is at 0.0 VDC.  You need to determine what is causing this.  As Ed mentioned, a short to ground or something connected to the Vref causing the drop to 0.0 VDC.  Since your sensors are working it may be a momentary drop, just long enough to trigger the error, but recovers shortly after.  I would recommend connecting an oscilloscope to the Vref to see how it performs when the error is generated.  That may give insight to the issue.

I disconnected everything connected to the V Ref in question and still get the same message after powering down and restarting. The V Ref output still reads 5 VDC  on my meter. Any other ideas?

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Hello, have you measured on both VREF?

The MC43 have two separate VREFs, A and B. Both are have pins in both of the connectors.

+VREF-A is located on C1:7, C2:7 and C2:8.

+VREF-B is located on C1:51, C2:59 and C2:60.

I only checked the V Rev channel it said has the error.