Short Circuit Protection on XA2 DOUTs?

Ethan Zeman 3 months ago in Expansion modules / XA2 • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 months ago 1

Pardon me if this information is already readily available but am having trouble finding it.

If the wiring for an XA2 DOUT is shorted to battery is there an internal protection strategy in the module that will protect the XA2 from being damage?



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Yes, the DOUT:s are protected from short to battery. It is perhaps not so clear, in the Appendix A of the instruction book we list SCB (short to battery) under protection.


One thing that will happen if you short the DOUT to battery is that you introduce a point of reverse feed of the module. If you remove normal power supply (+BAT pin) and have the DOUT shorted to battery, the module will be powered through reverse feed of the high-side switch.