MD4 using a three wire speed sensor rather then encoder for unidirectional pulse count

Codie 5 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 3

Hello Is there a way to use a GS60 speed sensor with the MD4? I have not tried it yet but would really prefer to use a three wire sensor then an encoder. 

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The MD4 pulse-count inputs have a much lower max frequency than the modules where it is possible to select any of the channel types FIN/PCNT/DFIN/DPCNT.

For that reason, we limited the functionality to DPCNT only, the channel type one would use for an external encoder intended for controlling display pages. 

With this functionality, a single GS60 won't work. 

I do not have a MD4 at this time as it is just ordered. Will the MD4 fault if it only receives the one input from the GS60? i would assume by your comment that 2 GS60's staggered in position would work (essentially an encoder anyway).  My frequency max will be 300hz 


If you use a single signal, the DPCNT channel will not detect it as an error. It will just count up one step on positive flank and then count down that step again on negative flank, as if a quadrature encoder was stuck around a position with just one of the signals changing between high and low.