MC43FS - Are there any plans to upgrade RAM/Flash on this module ?

Nick Pridham 5 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 5

This module supports alot of IO and 5 x CAN. Very simple functions to serve all of the IO and CAN easily burn the available resources and I am wondering if there are any upgrade plans ?

I concur, so much I/O and so little Flash/RAM available. We really have to optimize every little function and compare different solutions so we don't run out of RAM and Flash.

MD4 processing capacity on the MC43FS  would be perfect.

Under review

Depends on the time horzion... optimizing applications and optimizing IQANdesign are changes that can be done a lot faster than future hardware upgrades. 

If you are bumping up against RAM limitation on the MC43FS, my recommendation would be to start by looking at optimizing the application. Small differences in the implementation might seem insignificant, but that when summed up can have a pretty big impact. To get started, I wrote a few points focused on Qcode and object list, here: https://forum.iqan.se/knowledge-bases/2/articles/2270-memory-utilization

Also consider moving some functionality from the MC4 to the MD4. For example, functionality more related to troubleshooting error codes and collecting statistics might be considered for the MD4, to keep the MC4 focused on direct machine control and safety functions. 

We too would benefit from an upgrade in memory, we find we reach the max utilisation quickly on MC43FS.

With IQANdesign 6.02, the amount of memory used has been reduced, about 5-10 % depending on application. 

We also have some ideas on further reduction in 6.03