xc43 referance voltage

Ed Schippers 4 years ago in Expansion modules / XC4x updated by Cristian Ramirez 2 years ago 5

On the XC4x serie there are multiple Vref+ and Vref- and on both C1 and C2 

Are these interaly connected in the module? 

Or are they seperate from eachother and serve only dedicated Vin's?

Best Regards Ed

Hi Ed, the Vref's are separate.  When using to power a device connected to a particular input, say a VIN, you have the capability of selecting which +Vref is associated with that input channel. (Reference voltage selection) If the selected +Vref has an error, then the input channels associated with it would take on their error value.

Does this also apply to the VREF-GNDs?  Do they actually go into the circuit boards, or are they just all tied to the -BATT for the module?  Can +BATT shorting to one of the VREF-GNDs damage the module?


The -VREF GND pins are all connected internally, and also to the module -BAT pin. 

Shorting +BAT to a -VREF pin will blow the external fuse, assuming it is fitted. 


I had this question (OP question) myself and spoke with my local distributor who advised, that as per Appendix A in the XC43 manual this module has a VREF A and a VREF B each connector C1 and C2 has both Vref A and Vref B on it. There is no requirement to use VREF (A or B) from C1 to only supply sensors driving C1 related inputs nor C2 VREFs for C2 inputs. You can provide VREF from any connector to supply any sensor whose input is on either connector

In my solution I used one VREF from C1 and used it successfully for all inputs on C1 and C2.

I provided this post because I dont think that aspect of the OP question was actually answered..... I don't think my addition is likely to help the OP now...but if he and I had the same question then maybe more will in the future...

hi guys any body knows if it's possible to disconnect the v reference A and B from the xc43? In our machines we don't use that signal, and time to time we had issues with v reference error.